Interprofessional Rural Program of BC

Why Rural IPE

Lessons from the IRPbc journey:

  • Power of learning in a rural community.
  • Creativity and resourcefulness of rural practitioners and communities.
  • Contributions of students – energy, ideas, lasting legacies.
  • Rural IP learning is a process of interacting and learning “with, from and about” one another which contributes to several important goals:>  Support rural recruitment and retention.
    >  Provide quality learning for emerging health professionals.
    >  Advance collaborative patient-centred practice and ultimately, improve health for rural communities.
    • Rural lens informs broader system issues – innovation, creativity.
    • Relationships, reflection, having fun, transformation (personal, local/regional/system level).


To view the evolution of rural interprofessional learning in British Columbia (2003-2011) click here.